Do Investment:

Do Integrated Solution main goal is to contribute in Sudan economic development. Our tools toward this goal is to maintain and keep faithfulness in our work and keep our client close by providing useful and genuine worth full service. We always consider the economic value that benefits the community in each and every project we contribute in. We reach out to clients and provide them with suitable and up-to–date services that they need to fulfill their goals and improve their performance level. On behalf of the Ministry of Investment in Sudan we offer the following services:


Finance and management services

  • Taxation services
  • Security services
  • Custom services
  • Passport procedures
  • Completion of all type of license and approvals
  • Finance and taxation consultation.
  • Companies general budgeting
  • Economic feasibility
  • Expert accountant and legally authorized auditor
  • Legal services

  • i. Establishing National and foreign companies and extending their branches
  • ii. Business registration.
  • iii. Trade mark registrations.
  • iv. Legal Consultation
  • v. Handling legal contracts and agreement administration

Other Services:

  • Organizing and holding exhibitions, conferences and training courses
  • Conference calling services
  • Provide reception services in various ports
  • Fulfillment of transportation and hotel bookings
  • Translation services
  • Air, sea and road freight services
  • Custom clearance
  • Insurance services
  • Provide guests accommodation and business locations
  • Feasibility studies


VIP Services:

Considering your high quality time we are keen to provide the best and fastest services needed. A team of our best specialists and experts will be dedicated to insure that all your requirements have been fulfilled. We provide VIP Airport escorting services that include:

  • Personal assistance at arrival and departure
  • Check-in and airport security checks
  • Booking confirmation, and liaise with your airline about arrival/departure time and gate number of your flight.
  • Fulfillment of transportation and hotel bookings
  • Different types of insurance e.g. medical and travel insurance.
  • Fulfillment of all accompanying security staff needs throughout the journey.
  • Special VIP car services
  • Interpreters

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Our Vision

To develop and deliver multi-tried innovative solutions that will set a prominent footprint in the marketplace.


Services Overview

We help your company advance in a competitive business environment. We give your company the opportunity for new ideas, new ways of looking at your business and new ways to keep you on track to accomplish your goals. We do:

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