Do integrated solution and MTA joined together and provided financial market training and professional development courses to provide access to high quality education that leads not just a self-development as well as a career and job opportunity.

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Do Integrated Solution and Agriculture Bank is establishing the first Sudanese International Agricultural Exhibition. The Exhibition aims to create new investment opportunities and build business networking between national and international companies and the government agencies.

Do integrated solution and Silatech entered into an agreement and developed an outstanding training program for 1000 male and female entrepreneur providing them, professional training courses on how to start small businesses. We do believe micro finance is adding value for youth and help them to achieve their ambition.

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Do Integrated Solution & KF Technology developed and established the first Remittance System for the Sudanese residents aboard with SSWA. The System includes SWAA online payments and the first electronic portal that enables Sudanese residents abroad to process their procedures and electronic payment.

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A full-service Real Estate Broker, Consultancy and Facilities Management Company. It brings an efficient and effective service to the client based on the expertise and experience of the team in the local market .Kingfield is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and currently offering services in Sudan.

Market Trader Academy is a New York based educational institute that is registered with and accredited by the International Accreditation Organization and the American Association of Career and Technical Education. Reed more:

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 MTA Global Markets Guest Lecture

 Do Training & Developing Center

A leading Software Products and Services company based out of Khartoum, Sudan serving a growing customer base through its extensive partner network in Middle East &Africa. It integrates the power of visual computing with enterprise applications to deliver innovative, interactive and integrated solutions. Read more

Founded in 2004, 4POWER serves is a growing customer base through offices in Dubai and extensive partner network in Middle East, Africa & the Indian sub-continent. It provides business software solutions and telecommunication& network services that equip customers for this future. Read more

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